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Our record speaks for itself. For many years now, Cloud Seven Technology has been providing top-shelf service and expertise to Federal and Commercial customers. Scroll down to find out how.


Cloud is more than a technology service provider. It is a transformation to digital modernization and enables you to align your transformation to Information Technology and digital modernization.  A new way of solution design, planning, execution and implementation. Investment in agile solutions and innovation across your business, requirements and technology. A baseline on which gives your business agility and transformation.

Information Technology

We move at the speed of change. With our strategic and emerging technology partners, we’re bringing together the industry’s experts and transforming how our clients invest in, integrate, and innovate technology solutions. From analytics and agile to cyber, cloud, and software development, our teams design and deliver the solutions that keep our customers at the leading edge.


C7T believes supporting today’s always-on and highly mobile workforce means more than just equipping employees with desktops, laptops and mobile devices configured with the latest software and tools. In order to create maintain workforce productivity our customers must invest in digital modernization and innovative workspaces, this will allow you the latest meeting capabilities, we understand and support agility and focus our vision for collaborative and secure collaboration.

Managed Services Provider

Managed services refer to IT tasks that are outsourced to a third party. C7T can help provide support to your workforce by managing your network, establishing a help desk, minimizing system downtimes, assisting in data recovery, ensuring network security and compliance, and more. We also provide realtime monitoring and proactive approach so that our customers can resolve a problem before it leads to an outage. 

Security & Cyber Protection

Cybersecurity evolves constantly, from secure access service edge to cyber resilience. C7T Security strategy includes the vision, services, and capabilities needed to deliver security controls and reduce risk for your organization. We takes a holistic approach, integrating cyber protection into the foundation of your organization. From understanding your identity posture and strategy, to managing the convergence of infrastructure, applications and workforce, we give you the resources and expertise you need to modernize your enterprise security and move forward into the future. Our overall approach helps our customers align business goals and objectives to technical solutions, thereby enabling more effective results and alignment with your enterprise architecture efforts.

Advanced Analytics

Knowledge is also a key to success. Analytics help companies and IT departments examine and understand data extracted from business intelligence, helping them to better manage resources, identify trends, make predictions, and adjust they way they conduct themselves. C7T employs advanced analytic techniques such as data and text mining, pattern matching, visualization, forecasting, semantic and sentiment analysis, machine learning, network and cluster analysis, and more. Development of data management and dispersal capabilities does not happen overnight, It will require constantly evaluating and integrating new technology into your enterprise reference architecture to stay at the leading edge of big data and analytics.  

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Cloud Seven Technology offers many services to educational institutions including but not limited to course and curriculum realignment and syllabus revision. Cloud Seven works with universities to ensure majors and courses are aligned with the specified career field to better prepare students with the skills and knowledge for jobs and careers in the field of their choice.

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