Cyber Security

Cybersecurity changes frequently, C7T takes a broad approach, hardwiring cyber protection into the center of our customers business. From understanding your identity posture and strategy, to managing the convergence of your information system, we provide you the resources and strategy you need to modernize your security posture and stay modern and proactive.   

An enterprise security program optimizes cyber defense capabilities, provides proactive tactics and provides immediate threat response, we provide resolutions to incidents and close compliance gaps. As cybersecurity threats grow more complex, modernizing your business security requires a layered approach including cloud security, cyber resilience, zero trust and prevention. 

Cloud environments are secure by not out of reach from today’s security methods. Our team can  increase data protection, ensure compliance and achieve a more consistent application of security policies across a multi-cloud environment, including management and operations. 

There are many cybersecurity solutions that fight and prevent attacks, but cyber resilience protects your business when an attack occurs. We provide cyber solutions for every facet of your business, establishing a security framework for you to protect against ransomware and other technology attacks. 

Endpoint security focuses on defending all of your assets, from desktops to servers to laptops to mobile phones and tablets, no matter where they are. Every endpoint must be protected from threats.  

Network security ensures the safe transmission of data not just at the edge but also all data center and interconnected cloud providers. Decrease your organization’s attack surface, improve visibility and reduce overall cyber risk, all while simplifying management and operations. 

Agile Software Development Life Cycle

In today’s competitive globalized market, the speed at which your company adapts to ever-changing conditions is proportional to its success. Our relationships with major developers and e-commerce business entities virtually guarantee that C7T’s team can help you streamline your software – and do so fast. The means to achieve your goals involve communication, collaboration, and swift action. While there exist several different approaches to the ASD life cycle – Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming – the phases remain identical in all: concept, inception, iteration, release, maintenance, and retirement. Contact us today to learn more.  

Application Modernization

Our team’s dedication to application modernization exists for the same reasons that we offer agile software development services. However, modernization cannot be had at the expense of cyber security and data safety. This is precisely why Cloud Seven Technology works to get your company up to speed provide innovation to keep it safe and secure. Whether your application is cloud-based, hybrid, multi-cloud, containerized, LaaS, PaaS, or Saas, rest assured that we will design and implement the most efficient and cost-effective solution possible. Let us help you keep your competitive edge – find out how by contacting us today.  

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