We deploy technology at scale, manage existing infrastructure, provide subject matter experts with unparalleled experience and expertise in on premise or in the cloud infrastructures. Cloud Seven Technology can help your business. Here’s how:

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure refers to all the planning and actions that go into designing and implementing the ideal cloud solution for your business. Cloud infrastructure has become a key driver of modern business transformation. Whether you’re new to cloud or have already invested in the technology, the success of your business may very well depend on your ability to systematically optimize cloud capabilities over time . There are several key components in cloud infrastructure: virtualization, agilitydata management, and networking components. Cloud virtualization give you the ability that allows sharing the physical instance of a single physical machine or resource among multiple application and usersAgility with DevOps methodologies can improve the engineering processes for any organization, regardless of the environment in which your applications and services run. This includes infrastructure, software development, operations, and security. Data management is the ability to manage your data in the cloud, on-premises or both. It ensures access to data wherever and whenever you need, at the right performance level, from the most cost-effective location. The data management functions involved include backup, disaster recovery, cold data tiering, archiving, compliance, monitoring and analytics, and data migrations. We will architect your networks for multi-cloud connectivity based on your global footprints and plans for growth. We will design and deploy architectures that connect your users to the cloud services they need, at the speed you demand.  

Cloud and Data Center

A data center is integral to housing your company’s technological resources, powering vital applications, archiving records, and securing virtual operations. The data center is undergoing radical transformation. Exponential data growth, the need to process and deliver data across multiple locations including cloud and partners, and important concentration on data security, resiliency and visibility all require digital modernization. In today’s market, data center solutions including data protection, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), primary storage and server infrastructure offers many benefits. From more modern ways to optimize on-premises workloads and scale infrastructure, to more strategic ways to reduce data center footprints and automate IT operations.  


Much has occurred since early days of the ARPAnet in the late 1960s. In today’s increasingly hostile online world, the most important challenge to any computing network has been security. With users, workloads and devices now everywhere, networking leaders must find new ways to enforce security, encourage productivity and enhance user experience. We help organizations create global connectivity architectures that meet the needs of the virtual enterprise.

Database Platform

Where data is stored how its analyzed are two critical foundations of any successful business. In the 20th century, data was stored in a variety of archaic ways: journals, card catalogs, libraries, and yes, even filing cabinets. Today, the Internet and cloud computing are where it’s at. The ability to gather, store, and manage data in an efficient manner is the difference between a company that can adapt, streamline, and adjust, and one that gets left in the dust. C7T’s database management team can help and the more seamless that data can be analyzed and integrated into day-to-day workflows, the more rapidly organizations can innovate and make smart decisions realtime. After you identify the use cases that would most benefit from data strategy, leverage our design, test and validate deep learning and machine learning solutions that can produce models to deliver business value. 

Service Management

A cloud computing company is only as good as the service it provides to clients. It’s not enough to just set up a network, install software, secure the data center, modernize the applications, and skate away. Cloud Seven Technology’s staff is available to train and walk you through the setup, make sure the system is running as it should and compliant to the given structure needs and standards, and should something to amiss, be there to troubleshoot. We’re not going anywhere. Give us an opportunity to demonstrate what we can do and how we can support your business – we will not disappoint.

Infrastructure Security

Cloud storage? Check. Data center? Check. Apps? A go. Network? Set. Security? Not quite as simple, but can-do. With so many different threat types around today, and so many potentially vulnerable points to any system, our job at C7T is to anticipate, design, monitor, and secure, so that you don’t have to. Our experts bring a wealth of cyber-security knowledge and many combined decades of experience to the equation. We will develop the right security system for your business, then manage and monitor accordingly.

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